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Paul Betenly

Modern fit and styling merged with old world tailoring gives the wearer a look of elegance and sophistication. Our premium features combine to create a symphony of expression and functionality in sport coats, trousers and suits.

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  • Several pairs of socks with Pantherella logo in foreground.


    The world’s most luxurious yarns blended with highly skilled craftmanship Pantherella socks are the finest socks made in England since 1937.

  • Man in plaid shirt with Scott Barber logo in foreground.

    Scott Barber

    Well designed and beautifully- made marks the difference between the ordinary and the exceptional.

  • Man in a suit coat and Empire logo in foreground.


    Our products are made with fabrics from the best mills in Italy, Scotland, England and Ireland. We create lasting impressions.

  • Man in a suit with Heritage Gold logo in foreground.

    Heritage Gold

    Heritage Gold (formerly Hickey Freeman) reflects our rich history, exceptional quality, and timeless style.

  • Close up of a hand cutting fine fabric.

    Individualized Shirts

    Today, Individualizes Shirts is our largest and most successful custom shirt provider. Feel confident in the true quality in their finished product.

  • Men's dress slacks with Ballin logo above it.


    Ballin’s dress and casual trousers. They are famous for their “comfort eye” waistband, which stretches up to 2″ for comfort fit.

  • Photo of man wearing pants. Zanella logo in foreground.


    Zanella is an iconic Italian luxury brand that offers classic dress pants made exclusively at its Vicenza, Italy facility.

  • Close up photo of folded men's shirts with Genteal logo in foreground.

    GenTeal Apparel

    GenTeal Apparel strives to provide attire that tells the world just what kind of person has entered the room.

  • Bowtie and Brackish logo


    Brackish bow ties and pins are a one-of-a-kind work of art. Every single feather is hand-selected, no two Brackish bow ties are exactly alike. Every tie is a sustainable work of art.

  • Man wearing button up shirt. Game Guard logo in foreground.


    Whether you hunt, fish or just enjoy the great outdoors, GameGuard has you covered. These flat bottom shirts can be worn tucked or untucked for a decidedly comfortable experience.

  • Leather dress shoes for men. Alan Payne logo in foreground.

    Alan Payne Footwear

    Alan Payne Footwear offers style and durability, priding itself on the diversity of our dress casual line.

  • Man wearing oxford shirt. David Donahue logo in foreground.

    David Donahue

    David Donahue is the name gentlemen turn to for authentic style of true distinction. Flawless accents offered against the highest quality fabrics, the ultimate in sophisticated self-expression.

  • Cologne.

    de Roeschiele

    Masculine fragrance with a light refreshing scent and cool sweet notes. Developed in 1977, this men’s fragrance line has grown to include a full collection of toiletries.

  • Man wearing sport coat and vest. Coppley logo in foregroound.


    Coppley has been creating outstanding tailored pieces for the discerning North American male for over 120 years. Drawing on a heritage of distinctive British style and meticulous Canadian workmanship, Coppley has created an unmistakably modern form of design and luxury.

  • Folded dress shirts with Stenström's logo in foreground.


    Style, quality and comfort in every detail. One of Sweden’s most well-known and respected brands. Stenstroms shirts carry more than 100 year of tradition, craftsmanship and quality.

  • Leather bag with Col Littleton logo in foreground.

    Col. Littleton

    Purveyor of fine accouterments in the Americana tradition. Each product is brought to life in leathers, woods, brass, and other materials with careful, detailed handwork. All quality, unique products are crafted with a special touch.

  • Leather dress shoe. Mezlan logo underneath.


    A master touch of quality and craftsmanship. Mezlan footwear features a wide selection of genuine exotic skins and fine leathers, coupled with world-class craftsmanship, setting the standard for quality and performance.

  • Three pairs of 34 Heritage jeans. 34 Heritage logo in foreground.

    34 Heritage

    34 Heritage offer s a range of fits both modern and classic, for gentlemen of varying shapes, sizes and personal tastes. Diversity in pure comfort.

  • Leather loafer with Martin Dingman logo in foreground.

    Martin Dingman

    Martin Dingman is well-known for its luxury leather goods, which include footwear and belts. Excellence is the standard of all things Martin Dingman.

  • Man wearing oxford shirt, Mizzen and Main logo in foreground.

    Mizzen + Main

    Mizzen + Main proudly works with American suppliers, sewing shops, and distributors to manufacture our moisture-wicking dress shirts.

  • Khaki slacks and Bills Khakis logo in foreground.

    Bills Khakis

    Based on and made the same way as the WWII originals, Bills Khakis genuine American-made quality never grows old.

  • Hagen dress shirt and necktie. Hagen logo in foregroound.


    Hagen is a “fashionably wearable” line with a decidedly luxurious sensibility. Focusing on luxurious fabrics from Europe, finely detailed stitching, buttons, buttonholes, and premium packaging this line will impress.

  • Peter Millar shirt and belt.

    Peter Millar

    The Peter Millar line embraces a classic, old-world style resplendent in sharp detail, superb craftsmanship, and only the highest quality materials available.

  • Man wearing suit. Paul Betenly logo in foreground.

    Paul Betenly

    Paul Betenly’s premium features combine to create a symphony of expression and functionality in sport coats, trousers, and suits.

  • Photo of Joey Pouch underwear and 2 UNDR logo.


    Using the most advanced construction techniques and materials, 2UNDR provides more support than a standard brief with the best fit, comfort and style man has ever experienced.

  • Man wearing Tom Beckbe jacket. Tom Beckbe logo in foreground.

    Tom Beckbe

    Tom Beckbe relies on classic design and rugged materials to withstand time and the elements. Tom Beckbe products are built for the outdoors. For fair weather and foul. For yesterday and tomorrow. FOR THE HUNT.

  • Photo of man wearing a leather belt. Torino Leather Co. logo in foreground.

    Torino Leather Company

    Torino Leather Company is the premier US manufacturer of exotic belts like the Hornback Crocodile. From the South African Nile Basin, the Hornback Crocodile belt has a unique three-dimensional look unlike any other.

  • Underside of a necktie.

    Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen is a menswear company specializing in ties and pocket squares. Founder and designer, Bob Jensen, has been at the forefront of American neckwear for 30+ years.

  • Leather belt with Brookes & Hyde logo in foreground.

    Brookes & Hyde

    We design each product with a cohesive blend of quality, simplicity, practicality, and above all else authenticity.

  • Khaki shorts with the Duck Head logo in the foreground.

    Duck Head

    Long before you discovered Duck Head, generations before you put Duck Head to the ultimate test. It is a history few brands can match-150+ years of enduring quality.

  • An assortment of neckties.


    Dion Neckwear is a family owned, Toronto based business and a mainstay for well dressed men for over 50 years. Dion supplies neckwear and formal wear that bears the distinct Dion look and quality upon which specialty North American retailers have come to rely.

  • Young man wearing dress coat with Jack Victor logo in the foreground.

    Jack Victor

    Designed and produced exclusively in Montreal, Canada since 1913, Jack Victor features the finest wool fabrics. Jack Victor remains committed to offering customers high-quality menswear at an exceptional value, incorporating current fashion trends and seasonal styles in all of its collections.

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